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Individual Tax Returns

We want you to get the maximum refund in the quickest turn around time we can provide.

Because of COVID-19 we will only be doing tax returns via email and phone call (if necessary). The returns will be done on a First-In, First-Out basis as long as all the information is properly provided by you the client.

Feedback from past new clients is that we ask more questions when doing a return than previously experienced. This leads to you being able to claim more than you initially realised and as a consequence usually means a higher refund.

If for whatever reason, your refund decreases from last year, or your circumstances have changed and the result is completely different to last year – we will explain in depth as to why things are different and what effect that had on the outcome.

Please note: – the more time and effort you put into reviewing our checklist, reviewing your spending by going through your bank account and credit card statements, and filling out the expense schedules as extensively as possible, then the greater likelihood of a larger refund.

Please follow the steps below, so we can get your maximum refund returned to you as effectively and as timely as possible.

Step 1 – Read our ‘Tax Questions Asked’ page and tick off the expenses you know you incurred.

Step 2 – Download and complete our New Client Form.

Step 3 – Download our Individual Tax Checklist. Use this checklist to tick what needs to be included in your return. In some instances, under new ATO arrangement, you may not have access to things like payment summaries, private health insurance, HEC’s debt, etc, but we will be able to get from the ATO portal.

To be sure nothing is missed because sometimes it takes a few weeks for the ATO to have all the information, we at least need you to tick things that you believe need to be included so we look out for them.

Step 4 – Once you have identified areas you will have had expenses, gone through your bank statements or credit card statements and highlighted accounts, we need you to complete the relevant expense schedule.

Please note: We do not need to see receipts or bank statements. We just need the totals on the expense schedule. The more work you do in this area, the quicker we process your return. If you get lazy and send us piles of actual receipts or statements for us to extract the information, we will charge extra for doing this.

Step 5 – Once you have completed:

               (a) New Client Form
               (b) Individual Tax Checklist
               (c) Any relevant expense schedule

Please save/scan/photograph and email to:

If there is anything else out of the ordinary you need to communicate with us, please include that in the body of the email.

Our goal will be to turn around the processing of your return within a five (5) day period of receiving all the data we need. Returns will be undertaken on a First In – First Out basis. If we believe there is missing data, you will be contacted within those five (5) days requesting what is missing. The clock then restarts once you have replied with the missing data.

If you have any further questions or any issues or need to discuss further the processing of your return, you can always email and I will endeavour to contact you within 48 hours to discuss your questions, issues or needs.


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